Customer Reviews of Asocha Co.

Grace D.

Three succulents

"I've always procrastinated when it comes to decorating my apartment, but I figured what better time to start than during quarantine? I received my first print today and I love it! The colors are super vibrant, I really like that you can see the brush stroke detail, and the thick, matte texture of the paper is delightful. It comes rolled up in a sturdy container and is protected with plastic, so it arrived in perfect condition, and there were even care instructions included! My cat started playing with the ribbons that held the print in its shape, so she clearly approves. My favorite part is that Asocha directly supports artists and causes that matter." - Grace D.


 Samiksha C.

"My biggest problem with  looking at prints previously was feeling overwhelmed with the selection and never finding prints that resonate both with my style and budget. Asocha's well-organized and cohesive designs solved these issues and helped me find pieces that really resonated with me. Many of the art pieces have a timelessness that I know would make them work well in not only the space I currently have, but also in future spaces. In the end, the versatility of the print I picked works beautifully in my current horticulture corner, but I can also see it working well in a future children's bedroom or even an elevated office space. 

The print I ordered came very quickly and was beautifully packaged. The package also included a meaningful, personalized note as well as instructions on how to properly care for the print. The quality of the print was even better than I expected, especially for the price. I really appreciate the thoughtfulness and care Asocha puts into all aspects of their business and customers, as well as the philanthropic focus of the company.

I am unbelievably happy with my piece and I already feel a personal connection with it. This artwork will be an important piece in my home for many years to come. I have already chosen an additional piece for myself and have already told my friends about Asocha as well! Asocha is now officially my one stop shop for all my decor and fine art print needs. Can't wait for the collection to keep growing!!" - Samiksha C.


 Alissa F.

"I bought 3 prints from Society6 a couple months ago and all of those came with creases on the edges and one of them even had multiple creases throughout the entire print. The print from Asocha came in perfect condition - no dents or creases. I can tell a lot of care went into packing this, from the rolling of the print, to the tissue paper padding, all the way to the additional care tips and stickers that came with it. The quality of the image is great and the paper is sturdy, doing justice to the beautiful artwork itself. It feels very special to have such a high quality piece for my home while contributing to a good cause." - Alissa S.


Sarah D.

"Wow. First off, I'm in love. The wall art print is so clear and has so much detail that I can see the "brushstrokes". I don't tend to buy prints because the quality usually is fuzzy (I can't stand when straight edges are fuzzy!). This was definitely not the case here. I got the "Moonlit" print and the moon really pops against the black background. The texture of the moon almost makes it look like it has a gold foil overlay. 

Let's talk about the experience for a bit. I ordered the print on a Saturday night and it arrived on Tuesday. That is some speedy shipping! Once I took the print out, it was beautifully held with a satin gold ribbon. The package also included a personal note from Asocha founder, Darby, sharing the simultaneous beauty and power of art. I could feel the passion and excitement! It also came with clear instructions and guidance on how to unroll and preserve your print for long lasting enjoyment." - Sarah D.


 Elmer M.

Opening up the shipping tube, loved that I was greeted with a thank you card and further care. Unrolling the piece out, was an exciting adventure in of itself getting to see my new beautiful piece unveil itself showing the quality of the materials. And upon seeing the beautiful colors of the print I knew immediately where it was going to go to give a multitude of life to the atmosphere! Absolutely in love with my art piece and would buy again! - Elmer M.