About Us

The Dream

I’m Darby, the founder behind Asocha. 

To me, art boils down to meaning-making. It’s the perceptions and narratives that tell us the story of who we are and where we’re going. It’s the engine of change.

Yet for something so profoundly implicated in the story of us, I looked around and largely felt let down. The big guys felt antiseptic & commercial, like they had lost the beating heart beneath it--the humanity spilling out of the frames.



That’s when I decided to create something different.

I wanted to build something that supported the long-standing, deep relationship between art & progress, between unconventional thinkers & revolutionary paradigms.



Asocha aims to knit art & advocacy through story-telling.

We amplify the voices of our artists, contend with questions big & small, while working towards the betterment of our global community.



Our Foundation

Asocha Co’s is built on the premise that business can be an agent for positive change. We accomplish this through:

  • Advocacy. Advocacy is woven throughout our platform, with artists having the opportunity to sponsor a cause they care about, and additional resources for you to support and participate in these movements.
  • Giving Back. We put our money where our mouth is. 10% of every purchase goes towards a charitable cause. You are empowered to determine what your money supports — you decide which charity your dollars go to.
  • Respecting Our Artist Community. We amplify our artists voices through communicating their story and message. They get paid fair commissions for their art, and we provide our artists agency over how their art is priced and printed. Every fine art purchase directly pays an artist.

Together, We Shape Our Reality.

We hope to curate beautiful moments for you, amplify the voices of artists, nourish our communities, and care for our planet. It’s ambitious, but together, we can shape a better reality for all of us.




Interested in collaborating as an artist? See our Artist FAQ.

Otherwise looking to get involved? Reach out to us!