Sustainable Fine Art Prints

Sustainable Fine Art Prints

Sustainable Fine Art Prints

At Asocha, sustainability is a goal we constantly strive towards. We use environmentally friendly, high-end bamboo papers.

High-End Bamboo Paper

This regenerative crop creates papers with a slightly textured, matte finish, perfect for fine art prints. Furthermore, these prints are built for longevity, maintaining the archival-quality standard expected for limited edition prints, without the use of environmentally harmful optical brighteners.

Natural Line: Hahnemühle FineArt

Also, bamboo is a completely enchanting plant. 

The Virtues of Bamboo

Bamboo is an easy-going guy, foregoing pesticides and herbicides, and requiring minimal water. He grows quickly, grazing the sky with his fingertips in just a couple of years (compared to the 30-40 year growing cycle of most woods). Some species of bamboo can reach maturity in as little as 90 days.


Growing Bamboo as a Commercial Crop | NC State Extension


Importantly, Bamboo doesn’t require replanting. He sprouts from the root, making this crop regenerative. This means that soil ecosystems remain intact to continue flourishing. The root systems also fortify soil against landslides during the heavy rainfall typical of bamboo habitats.


Bamboo Botanicals - Bamboo Anatomy and Growth Habits


The growing cycle of bamboo crops is also an impressive feat. When he is just a little bud, he creates all the cells he will need in maturity, and rapidly grows by stretching these cells. This is how most grasses grow (why lawns require so much attention) and what makes their growing cycles so quick. 

Oh and bamboo is stronger than steel (well sort of). If you compare strength/unit weight, bamboo has 3-4 times the tensile strength of steel. 

Bamboo; a new source of strength in construction industry — Kaltimber


Bamboo also absorbs impressive sums of carbon dioxide (as much as 12 tonnes per hectacre per year), and can help to rehabilitate already degraded forest areas. 

Dedicate Your Dollars

In addition to using this remarkable crop for our materials, when you purchase an Asocha print, you have the opportunity to raise money for environmental organizations such as the Ocean Conservancy and Friends of the Earth.

This means that you get to pay forward the gift of art that mother nature affords through her miraculous materials.